The World of The Tale of Onogoro

◆Onogoro Island

A floating island that is a little over a kilometer wide. It has been considered a sacred site since ancient times.

The center of the island is the focal point of the Total Nexus, a once in 76 years event where the effects parallel worlds have on each other is greatly increased. The mysterious power of Ki is at its strongest on Onogoro Island. The Ancient Ones, people of generations long past, knew this and made Onogoro Island into a holy ground.

In the past, only certain Shinto priests and priestesses were allowed to step foot on the island, however, over time the island became more secularized and became a popular pilgrimage site. In the current day(Taisho Era, early 1900s), after the introduction of steam technology, a ropeway connecting the island to the rest of the country was made, making the island into a bustling tourist site.

◆The Onogoro Great Shrine: The Tower of Binding

The place on Onogoro Island where the power of Ki is at its strongest. Masatake Arakida is planning to fulfill his ambitions at the top of The Tower of Binding. In order to stop Masatake, the Player and Haru must also make their way to the tower.

◆The Quelling Stone

A special lodestone that Haru has been chained to. All of her spiritual power has been absorbed into it, leaving her powerless. The player can use The Celestial Weapons to move the quelling stone. Haru cannot move on her own because of the quelling stone, so she depends on the player to move.

◆The Power of Ki

Ki is the power of nature itself. In this world, the ancient power of Ki shaped civilization. Channeling Stones, ancient ornate stones that attract Ki, are scattered around the world, and can be used by certain people to redirect Ki. There are three types of Ki: fire, air, and ground.

◆Channeling Stones

Ornate stones that are placed in areas where Ki naturally congregates. Each stone attracts a different type of Ki. Fire channeling stones are red, ground channeling stones are yellow, and air channeling stones are green. The Celestial Weapons can extract Ki from channeling stones.

◆Divine Boundaries

Equipment that is used to protect towns from Kami. Divine Boundaries can hinder a Kami’s movements, making them essential for protecting townspeople. The activation and deactivation of Divine Boundaries requires the usage of Ki, and can only typically be performed by priests and priestesses.

Among the various Divine Boundaries players will come across, there are some that can only be operated by Haru, and others that can only be operated by the Player. Most of the Divine Boundaries on Onogoro Island have been reconfigured by Masatake, meaning that even Haru does not know how to deactivate them. The Player must work together with Haru to figure out how to get past the puzzle like Divine Boundaries found around the island.

◇Sakafune Stone

A type of Divine Boundary that protects people from Incensed Kami. By praying to one, a priest or priestess can release a barrier or activate a part of a Divine Boundary. By moving the quelling stone in front of a Sakafune Stone, players can have Haru pray to it.


A type of stone that is often used in Divine Boundaries due to its affinity with Ki.
It has a similar pattern on it to the quelling stone.
The Celestial Weapons can be used to easily move lodestone.


The large, beast-like creatures that manifest themselves in this world. They are said to be the very power of nature itself. Kami can bestow blessings upon people or cause great calamities depending on the state their soul is in. Kami that bestow blessings are said to have a Tranquil Soul, and Kami that cause calamities are said to have a Restless Soul. All natural disasters in this world can be traced back to an Incensed Kami that manifested with a Restless Soul.

By offering up prayers, the rate that Incensed Kami manifest can be controlled. Because of this, priests and priestesses partake in rituals to quell Kami before they appear. However, these prayers and rituals do not prevent all Kami from manifesting. When an Incensed Kami manifests, the lives of anyone near it are endangered. Kami are somewhat common in this world, and the people here view them similar to a natural disaster. If a Kami is determined to be an extreme threat, priests and priestesses are dispatched, often risking their lives to quell it.

A Kami always has a Nucleus somewhere on its body. By destroying the Nucleus, it becomes possible to quell the Kami. However, destroying a Nucleus is an extremely difficult task, and many priests and priestesses have lost their lives attempting to do so.







Small conjured beings with short arms and legs.They are infused with mechanical parts and pieces of Kami using the Path of the Demon black arts. They have an affinity for each of the three types of Ki.

Kenzoku can shoot energy balls fused with Ki from a distance or attack directly using a weapon. Their movement style can vary depending on their body type. Kenzoku have been known to walk, move at high speeds with wheels, or even fly.

Ki that has been absorbed into the Celestial Weapons can be used to deflect the energy balls a Kenzoku shoots, but in order to defeat a Kenzoku, Ki that corresponds with the Kenzoku’s type must be used. When a Kenzoku is defeated in battle, it will either disappear or revert into a Channeling Stone.