Just as the Player is putting on their VR headset to try out their new game, they are suddenly connected to a parallel world, where Haru Kose, a Japanese shrine maiden, lives. This world is similar to Taisho-era Japan, but since the invention of the steam engine during the Meiji Restoration, the people use a combination of steam technology and the mysterious ancient power of Ki to create new marvels.

This world is also home to giant, beast-like beings called “Kami.” These Kami often manifest as “Incensed Kami” and go on rampages, causing havoc in their wake. Shinto priests and priestesses are dispatched by shrines to quell each Incensed Kami that manifests, risking their lives to protect the citizens.

One day, it is reported that five Incensed Kami have manifested on the sacred floating island, Onogoro Island. Haru, as the High Priestess of the Grand Holy Shrine: Daijingu is dispatched to the island to see to the matter. However, the man responsible for the appearance of the five Incensed Kami on the island, Masatake Arakida, attacks Haru and steals parts of her body. He then chains her to a quelling stone and locks her away in a shrine. In a desperate attempt to summon reinforcements, Haru accidentally summons the Player to her world.

Upon meeting the Player, Haru asks for their help, stating, “Masatake Arakida has stolen parts of my body and taken my weapon. If we do not return them to me and quell all of the Kami on the island, a great calamity will occur.”

The Player and Haru join forces to solve the mystery of the Divine Boundaries, quell the Kami, and put a halt to Masatake’s plans.